1. It all starts when you book your design consultation. Our creative designer will meet with you one-on-one in our design studio in Abbotsford or over facebook video chat.
  2. We will have a detailed discussion about your fabrics (either provided by you or sourced by us), style and design inspiration, timeline, budget, and what have you.
  3. Based on your ideas from the initial consultation, we will create your design description (containing detailed notes) and quote and provide you a copy. Quotes vary depending on the complexity of tailoring your desired design.
  4. You will be required to make a 50% deposit in order to proceed on the creation of your garment.
  5. We will get to work on your project starting with flat pattern drafting, create mock-ups where necessary, arrange for fittings and create your beautifully finished garment.
  6. Timeline for completion is a minimum of three weeks.


From our made-to-order collection in the shop, you choose an option based on our size chart. You also have customization options that brings endless possibilities. You can start with a baseline style and order as-is, or customize to make it yours by sending an email to Our customization options are subject to additional cost depending on production time and cost of materials. Timeline for completion is two weeks.

Momode Academy

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