Hi, Welcome!

Hi, Welcome!

Yay! Welcome!! This is my first blog post and you can tell I am super-excited. Let me start by making a confession, “I sat way too long on this move!”. I had wanted to start blogging about five months before now but somehow, I never got started. In order to motivate myself, I once captioned my instagram bio as “Aspiring DIY Sewing Blogger”. But, the truth is, that bio sat there for months with me not taking any action towards that.

However, the game changer for me was after I listened to a podcast by Terri Savelle Foy titled “Why You Shouldn’t Tell People Your Goals”. According to her, “scientific research has proven that telling people about your next big idea actually robs you of motivation”. She went on to explain why announcing your goals to people gives you a premature sense of completeness and ends up robbing you of the actual motivation to make them happen. My take-away from that podcast was: to not make a big announcement of what I intend to do but to just DO IT! So, I responded by first taking off “Aspiring DIY Sewing Blogger” from my instagram bio and I went ahead to put a date to when I would launch the blog. Consequently, I had to take some days off sewing and social media in order to develop my website. And yeah! here we are, all done!! The journey has begun and I trust it can only get better.

On this blog, I intend to basically document and share with you my DIY Sewing projects and entrepreneurial journey as a whole. Once in a while, as I get inspired, I will throw in some cool stuffs to inspire and motivate you. I truly hope you find value here.

Meanwhile, this post will not end without me telling you about the DIY off-shoulder top pictured. I love love love this top. I made and wore it two months after I had my second baby. This was in the summer of 2018. I rate making this top as one of the easiest and straight forward sewing projects I have ever done. It was not only suitable for the hot summer weather but also functional for me as a nursing mother as at the time I wore it.

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Modupe Adebayo is the creator of Momode, a fashion brand that provides one-of-a-kind custom sewing for corporate and personal needs.

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